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lundi 27 août 2007, par Sophie

An interview with Kate Moennig

"The L Word" heartthrob Kate Moennig sat down with PlanetOut entertainment editor Jenny Stewart to talk about relationships, her "bad girl" character Shane, and which actress she’d like to see play her mom on the show.

This first season, we’ve seen family members of all the characters except for Shane. What is Shane’s family history ?

Very shattered. It obviously wasn’t a very solid foundation, which is why you haven’t seen it. But it seems like all that is coming back to haunt her these days, and she’s trying to fill that void.

If they ever introduced Shane’s mother on the show, which actress could you imagine playing her ?

I love casting questions, I really do. Um ... [Thinks.] I think Patricia Clarkson would be good, but I guess she’s too old.

You think she’d be too old ?

Oh, no, sorry, I meant too young.

Yeah, I was going so say ! [Both laugh.] But she’d be a really good choice, actually.

Yeah, there are others too. Hmmm. Let me think more about that and come back to it.

OK. What if they ever cast someone to play your sister ?

Well, I always get told I look like Meg Ryan. So we could bring her on, and I’m sure people would buy it. I mean, I get it daily.

Really ? I don’t think I see the resemblance.

Really ? You’re like one out of a million that tell me daily.

Which episode has been your favorite so far ?

Hmmm. I’d have to say the finale. I really liked watching the season finale.

Well, that was a pretty damn amazing finale. What scene has been the most challenging for you ?

I’d probably say battling the mother/daughter thing, and making that situation believable. Because she’s sleeping with this mother and then this daughter comes around, and she’s not trying to be mean to anyone. She’s just trying to ... settle everything.

Why do you think Shane was so attracted to Sherry [Rosanna Arquette] ?

I think because she’s a free spirit and also, you know, all the girls that Shane sleeps with are just like, on her immediately, and Sherry’s not like that. And that’s a challenge. That’s always attractive, the challenge.

Are you in a relationship ?

No, I’m single.

What part of a woman do you find most attractive ?

[Thinks.] Nose.

Well, that’s interesting. Is there one particular characteristic you have consistently been attracted to in a person ?

Physical ?

Either physical or emotional.

Hmmm. The difficulty of trying to get to know someone, the challenges of that situation.

Jennifer Beals said that Rose Troche made the cast a videotape of love scenes to study. What was on that tape ?

It was a montage of scenes with everything from "Desert Hearts" to "Bound" to "High Art."

Ally Sheedy and Patricia Clarkson were great in "High Art," but so was Radha Mitchell, and her performance was kind of overlooked. I’d love to see her in more things.

She’s doing a lot of stuff, films and everything. She’s been in a lot of things lately. Oh, I know what mother ! From the casting of Shane’s mother question — I thought of someone else — Frances McDormand.

Oooh — that’s a great one. I’m glad you remembered. Last question : Are you getting recognized by lesbians on the street ?

Yeah, I am, and everyone’s been so ... amazing. Just so incredibly appreciative. And they always catch me off guard at like 9 in the morning, too, when I just rolled out of bed — and it’s still amazing.