mardi 17 février 2009, par Sophie

La caméra de surveillance et Tilda swinton...Londres et Big brother...


Mukul Patel and Manu Luksch codirect Ambient Information Systems (AIS), a crucible for the conception and production of collaborative, interdisciplinary, and critical artworks, events, and tools. They work as artists under their own names and also as ambientTV.NET. They have a history of conceiving works that integrate curatorial and collaborative aspects (e.g., VBI), research (FACELESS and the Data Protection Act), community involvement (BOW SPACE), and hybrid media installations (ORCHESTRA OF ANXIETY). Of particular interest are concrete, contemporary issues that arise at the interface of social and technical infrastructures : access to information, privacy, surveillance. The establishment of participative processes, creation of tools, and archiving and documentation are signal features of recent projects.

Mukul Patel et Manu Luksch codirige Ambient Information System. Ils produisent des oeuvres d’art, sonores, interdisciplinaire, des évènements en collaboration. Ils travaillent en tant qu’artistes sous leur propres noms et aussi sous le nom Ambient TV.

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