mardi 30 décembre 2008, par Sophie

Ella Fitzgerald. Rien à dire. Shut your mouth and listen !

Lorelei by Cole porter :

Back in the days of knights in armor
There once lived a lovely charmer
Swimming in the Rhine
Her figure was divine

She had a yen for all the sailors
Fishermen and gobs and whalers
She had a most immoral eye
They called her Lorelei

She created quite a stir
And I want to be like her

I want to be like that gal on the river
Who sang her songs to the ships passing by
She had the goods and how she could deliver
The Lorelei

She used to love in a strange kind of fashion
With lots of hey-ho-de-ho-hi-de-hi
And I can guarantee I’m full of passion
Like the Lorelei

I’m treacherous, yeah-yeah
Oh, I just can’t hold myself in check
I’m lecherous, yeah-yeah
I want to bite my initials on a sailor’s neck

Each affair has a kick and a wallop
For what they crave, I can always supply
I want to be just like that other trollop
The Lorelei

I want to be just like that other trollop
The Lorelei

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  • merci Sophie pour ce joli morceaux, et avec les craquements du vinyl c’est encore mieux... finalement nous avons les mêmes goûts, sauf pour les pornos... dis, tu crois que ça poserait un problème pour le mariage ?! ;-))
    allez Happy New Year les filles, et merci pour tout, continuez !!! cent dix mille baisers