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GLU #8 : le meilleur magazine !

samedi 18 octobre 2008, par Sophie

"Hello everybody !

We’re very happy to announce that a new issue of GLU is out !

Featuring Kim Ann Foxman, Pauline Doutriluingne, Marjan Sax, Belén ’Kanki’ Fernández, Bogotá girls, jungle monsters, weird food obsessions and a lot more of edible girl material...

Gulzige Lesbische Uitgave

In June, we visited the Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona. Our principal reason for doing so was not just for the lezzer and faggy tomboy performers, but the GLU Music#1 showcase, hosted by Barcelona GLUster Silvia Prada. We were also there to see Hercules & Love Affair (whose Kim Ann Foxman graces our cover), Goldfrapp (whose show we missed because the timing clashed with our own party – sorry Lisa), plus Tara Delong, Tender Forever, Yo Majesty and sexy M.I.A. (who cancelled last minute, damnit !). Prior to the showcase we were welcomed by the aforementioned Silvia who treated us to a fabulous dinner at the infamous Las Fernandez restaurant. We were in the fine company of GLU#5 covergirl Feral, dragster James Jeannette and curator deluxe Arakis. And we were up to no good ! We not only loved the atmosphere of the restaurant but the food – and the fact that it was run by three sisters : hot ! Silvia informed us that two of the three sisters (one who was the chef) were lesbian – and that the third had just had an affair with a woman. So, of course, that made the whole thing even more interesting... Then, when we played around with ideas for a theme for this issue of GLU, the relationship between food and lesbianism kept recurring – so we decided to take a bite at it. And whilst scouting for a lesbo chef to interview, it was clear we had already devoured the food of the prime candidate. So that’s how we found Kanki, the soft butch chef of Las Fernandez. In fact, we positively drooled at the thought of having a GLU stuffed full of edibles and continued toying with the idea of food, sex, recipes, aphrodisiacs and other related topics. It was a great journey ! The icing on the cake, however, are the foodnotes. No pun intended. Bon appetit !

If you happen to be in Amsteram or New York, you’re invited to come and celebrate with us !

In Amsterdam, we have a friday night drink in our favourite hangout bar Saarein on Friday October 17 from 9 pm onwards. Saarein is on Elandstraat 119. There will be cool tunes and some cider on the house.

In New York, we have a slightly bigger party in a place called Trophy Bar on 351 Broadway in Brooklyn. This is happening on Sunday October 26 from 5 pm onwards. And we also have some very cool djs : GLU #8 coverstar Kim-Ann Foxman and 33herz aka Shannon Funchess aka Light Asylum from GLU Music #1 fame.

Next to all this partying, GLU will also have a booth at the New York Art Book Fair from October 24–26. Jessica will be there, so if you’re around, please come by and pop in. Admission is free !

And for you people in Copenhagen... Kathrin will be in the jury of the Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival that takes place from October 17–26. She will be attending the last weekend, between October 24–26. So if you’re in the neighbourhood, please pass by and say hello !

So far the news, hope to see you soon !

Cheers, Jessica & Kathrin"


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