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jeudi 20 juin 2013, par Sophie

Chloé "de Battant" revient sur scène dans un projet solo. En concert le samedi 22 juin dans le cadre de l’expo de Pierre Andreotti.

Promo du disque qui sort ce 24 juin

"She calls herself C.A.R. now. And we are all riding shotgun. Chloe [ let’s drop the ’Chloe Battant’ now that it is has been pointed as only a remainder ] is like dodge charger, a muscle cat of nine lives. When many would have ended rotten in a barn, she has used dust and rust to become C.A.R.

The road is here to be taken and here is the first pit stop, three songs where her dream like reconstructions collide with electronic intimacies, showing the scope of her open road.

- Laika may show the nostalgic side of C.A.R. American suburbia is never far, but it is ’Over the Edge’ more than any other film that seems projected over its almost naive eighties electronics. Not twee in anyway, flashes of innocence lost.

- HIJK is one of the most personal track of this ep, the opposite of poetry, a diary entry about coming to terms with death, music revolving around almost spoken words.

- A ticket is a rare flash of ’Englandia’ (C.A.R dreams american), a sea-shanty, an East end pub crawl that descends into depravity. What does it mean to live in excess ?

>> laika ep is out on june 24th.
all tracks are written and composed by Chloé Raunet. Laika and Hijk are produced by Timothey j Fairplay, A ticket by Chloé Thevenin. all tracks mixed by Julien Botox.
Photo cover by Pierre Andreotti. artwork by Adam Love.

>> remixes fom Krikor, Tim Fairplay and discodeine are out in september.



C.A.R sera pour le première fois en concert à paris ce samedi 22 juin dans le cadre de l’exposition de Pierre Andréotti qui a réalisé la photo de la cover du ep.

C.A.R live.
samedi 22 juin . 21 h
galerie florence leonnie.
151 rue amelot. 75011.


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